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Business Partner Wanted

    Do you have resource of outsourcing projects?
    Are you interested in investing IconCool Business?
    Are you interested in expanding markets in USA and China?

    I. If you are interested in investing our business, we are willing to transfer or sell some shares, so you will be able to share our copyrights, brands, source codes, website resources, user data, software technique and software arithmetic.

    II. IconCool team has been committed to software development and internet marketing for 15 years and accumulated rich experience in software development and internet marketing. During the past 15 years, we developed and marketed nearly 100 sets of various kinds of software.

    We have a China team with rich experience in related fields, our China team has rich resources in China, for example, we can quickly hire more than 300 highly qualified IT workers, we are able to complete IT outsourcing projects according to international standards.

    We can carry out the following IT outsourcing projects:
    1. Software development
    2. Data entry and file digitization
    3. Web development and website design
    4. Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
    5. Other IT outsourcing

    If you are interested it, please contact us with:
    Email: iconcool(AT), ceo(AT)
    Skype: Billbing2013

How do you evaluate IconCool business?


A few years ago, our sales have been up to reach $150K per year. If you need, we are willing to provide a lot of information to prove the authenticity of the sale data. Do you know? This sales were only brought by IconCool series and Graphics Converter Pro, not including our new products ImageCool series and PDFCool series.

Firstly, please answer this question: Do you have the confidence to let this business to reach $150K sales per year? If your answer is "Yes", then it is a great chance for you, please read the following information carefully!

Another question, How do you get all the following things? How much money do you need to spend for them?

I. Create and develop 20 software products, including:
a. Graphics Converter Pro, the leader of graphic conversion and processing
b. IconCool series, including IconCool Studio - One of the best icon editor
c. PDFCool series, including PDFCool Studio - All-in-one PDF tool
d. ImageCool series, including ImageCool Converter - One of the best image/photo processor
e. IconCool Green Submission Assistant, the leader of shareware green submission

II. Build, release and market 40 wesites, including:
1 PR5 Site(, 1 PR4 Site(, 30 PR3 Sites( and more)

About 3 sites have 13+ years domain age, 11 sites have 10+ years domain age, and 6 sites have 7+ years domain age.

III. Create and Market the following software brands:

a. IconCool --- Search "IconCool" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 1,190,000/136,000/149,000 results.
b. Graphics Converter Pro --- Search "Graphics Converter Pro" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 6,940,000/5,830,00/7,300,000 results.
c. Graphics Converter Pro --- Search "Graphics Converter Pro" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 2,180,000/3,460,000/4,030,000 results.
d. ImageCool --- Search "ImageCool" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 529,000/115,000,000/160,000,000 results.
e. PDFCool --- Search "PDFCool" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 154,000/72,115,000,000,400 results.
f. IconCool Software--- Search "IconCool Software" in Google/Yahoo/Bing, you will get 347,000/109,000/125,000 results.

To sum up, how do you evaluate IconCool business?

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