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IconCool Studio "Eye-catching and Valuable graphichs software."
A nice graphics software which is convenient for me to edit, modify or design icons. Some powerful functions which exceed my expections. - Rudolf (from sofotex.com)

"A graphics software with multi functions and its very easy when using." - Janis (from softpicks.net)

"Wonderful product and supports service."
When I got the job to design some icons for our products,I was too nervous to sleep. Heard of the IconCool Studio 7 from one of my oldest guys specializing in the icon design, I tried. The IconCool Mixer built in this product made me accomplish several icons fast and successfully. Meanwhile, because of my stupidity, I had made some mistakes in registration process. With the help of the supports guys and I got their fast response and IM service to resolve my questions. - rralphfox (from snapfiles.com)

"New fantastic version."
As an image software fan, I have used each version of IconCool Studio because I really love it. From the version 3 to version 5, its bright and new interface and easy-to-use impressed on me deeply, but I found it unstable when running and with bugs. To my surprise, the new version of 6 makes me satisfied. The previous bugs have been fixed, the stability also has been enhanced, especially, I am experiencing its unique marquee operation beyond comparison with any other icon design software. I really hope that the IconCool folks can get me better and better image gifts. - swanfew (from snapfiles.com)

IconCool Manager "An useful and powerful icon mangement and creation software." - Joseph A. Grace (from sofotex.com)

"Beautiful interface and great functions." - Daniel Emerot(from softpicks.net )

"User friendly and powerful!"
You can manage thousands upon thousands icons and search for icons by keywords in many icon libraries with Iconcool.It has many icon websites which will waste many time to find them on internet, you can find thousands upon thousands cool icons with the links.I would recommend this tool to anyone who want to download,manage or customize icons. - Paul Li

"A very good and easy program,well done."
everything is there you will need to make your own icons,good tools and very easy to use. - Anonymous

"Powerful icon extractor and manager."
The Features are excellent and this makes converting images into different formats simple. I would recommend it to everyone. - Michael F. Priest

IconCool Editor "very satisfactory!"
Splendid software. I looked for graphics software for converting image files to icons everywhere before. Finally, I found it on download.com. It's so convenient to convert images into icons and create image files which meet my requirements. I'm very happy with it. - Chris Braddo (from sofotex.com)

A wonderful software, it is worthy to try it. - Sunny (from softpicks.net)

Powerful icon editor, it works well. - Feather (from Download.com)

"Very very useful icon editor!"
I have downloaded this software when i was in need to convert many photos I have to pretty icons to use it in their suitable folders.Then I found this Cool icon editor very helpful to me.I recommend this program to any PC owner...Get It! - Fady Yousef (from CNET User Reviews)

"The ease of navigation won me over!"
This is the second icon editor I've tried (today) and while both seem easy to use and have comparable features, the ease of navigation in IconCool is what really won me over. On top of that, it's less expensive to purchase, and the help files seem more comprehensive. - Meghan (from CNET User Reviews)

I have never in my life used any kind of icon generator type software...and this was INCREDIBLY EASY!!! So simple to import yopur own picture files, and use them as an icon!! thanks for such a great project...especially one you don't have to be an expert to use! - ellmay19 (from CNET User Reviews)

I develop applications for our office, as well as being webmaster for a small site. I need icons and what I'm looking for is not always available. This application makes it very easy to create or modify icons quickly. Best in it's class. - Dennis (from CNET User Reviews)

"The best icon and curser maker out there!"
This is the best program I've ever used for icon and curser making. U can save your work under just about anything you need, and it is easy to use! Draw your icons or cursers yourself and use them on your PC! Defenatly recommended for users that want the best for their PC! - Sword Kisaragi

"Most Useful Icon Editor I've Ever Used!"
I wanted to customize the small (16x16) navigation icons in my Internet Explorer nav bar, and this was the right tool to use. This is very easy and intuitive software - and also very powerful at the same time. - Joe Pillera

"The Absolute Best Icon Software Ever Made!"
Have tried everything else in the past! Iconcool is far better than those other programs that are priced out of reach of the average child support paying broke people! The latest version has much clearer import capabilities than before! Makes really great icons! Look no further, this is the only program you need. - AwesomeBundy.com (from download.com)

very powerful! get icons from picture easily. - 1stfan (fanfeist@hotmail.com)

"Exceeded expectations!"
You never know what you're going to get with shareware, do you? But this icon editor is professionally developed, easy to use, very stable, and beautiful to look at. Recomended. - U.N. Owen

"Very powerful functions and low price."
very easy-to-use and many useful functions and low price and... Download It!! - Abby ceschin (from download.com)

"The best Icon Editor I found!"
Easy to use import and export functions and powerful gradient tools, convert pictures to icons successfully. Recommend!! - Truetaste (from download.com)

"Much better than IconMaker 2002!"
I was able to figure out in 10 minutes how to create a non-transparent icon (I don't read instructions unless absolutely necessary :). The trial version actually let's you work for 30 days with - as it seems - all features active. - Liz Wolf (from download.com)

"The best Icon Program I've seen! "
I've used many Icon programs over the years and this one was the easiest to learn and had the most features. DEFENIATELY worth buying. - Tuckercs

"Extremely simple to use and VERY effective!"
Needed to create a number of icons from images I had created using Photoshop and Illustrator. Converting the files to type ICO for use in my application was as simple as can be! - Shayne Cooke

"IconCool editor makes computing fun!"
I have been wanting an Icon editor that is quick and simple. I enjoy creating new icoms for my folders in Win 200 quite often. I feel IconCool helps me save a lot of time. - Nick Barfuss

"It's good and easy!"
I'm using version 3.2 right now and its doing really good on me for now! I recomend it! - Danny (from download.com)

"as advertised!"
Annoyed by those generic IE Favorites icons, headed to c-net for a solution...wasn't disappointed... - neo (from download.com)

"Its really amazing! "
Infact i use iconcool almost every day...its 2cool...i reccomend it. - Dood (from download.com)

"Easy command access!"
your icon cool editor has helped in creating creative icon files which i have found useful in the applications i have created with VB 6 and MS acess 2000, hope you could make things better in the future. - Chris

Graphics Converter Pro "so cool."
An excellent software which supports more graphics formats than others I have used.Meanwhile, the parameters are as many as we can select. - Johannes_Brits (from soft32.com)

"Very useful tool."
I found that at first it was difficult, but in only a few minutes I had it down... - Edd Lee

"The Best Image Converter I've Tried."
The Features are excellent and this makes converting images into different formats simple. I would recommend it to everyone. - Philip

"The Best Converter I have used!"
- Andrew Frazee

"Very powerful image converter I found!"
- Tong Li

"So simple it is hard."
I found that at first it was difficult, but in only a few minutes I had it down... - Anonymous

MP3 WAV Studio Wonderful home and hobby software. How cool it is. - Mok Kim Leong (from softpicks.net)

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