Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the differences between IconCool Studio trial version and registration version?
A: IconCool Studio is a "Shareware" program. Everyone is entitled to evaluate the software for 30 days without charge. After 30 days, if you decline to register, many functions of the software will automatically become invalid. We have provided three different versions of IconCool Studio: Trial version, Standard version and Pro version (Standard version and Pro version belong to registration version). Your IconCool Studio is a trial version before registration. You can share most of the functions of the software in 30 days. IconCool Mixer is not built in the standard version, so please refer to the following form to view the specified differences among these versions.
  • Version
  • Price
  • Time limit
  • All the basic functions are available
  • Lifetime license! Never pay again for any upgrade
  • Notify every new version, new registration code and upgrade for free
  • Life-of-product technical support
  • No annoying registration notices
  • Including the newest IconCool Mixer
  • 500 royalty-free Vista icons at least
  • Trial
  • Free
  • 30 days
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • ×
  • Standard
  • $39.95
  • No limit
  • ×
  • Pro
  • $49.95
  • No limit
Q: How to purchase IconCool Studio and how much should I pay?
A: We offer Safe, Sure and Fast online order. With Secure Online Order you'll get the full version and registration code in a few minutes! We strongly recommend that you use our secure online, order facility. Our payment service providers: ShareIt, RegSoft, RegNet, Kagi, RegNow and Paypal. Specified steps as follows:
Step 1 Visit our site www.iconcool.com and open registration page.
Step 2 Click "Buy Now" button and submit an online payment within the Shareit.com web page.
If you don’t need Backup CD - IconCool Studio delivered by Share-it, please click to remove, or you’ll have to pay the Backup CD - IconCool Studio.
Q: Whom should I contact while meeting any questions about IconCool Studio?
A: If you have any questions about IconCool Studio or any suggestions, please feel free to contact us with our Feedback system.
Q: Does IconCool Studio support Win7/8/Vista OS and create icons for Win7/8/Vista?
A: Yes.
Q: How to create a 32-bit icon?
A: Step 1 Install IconCool Studio, and run it.
    Step 2 Click File->New in the menu column to pop up "Create New Icon Project" dialog box, type project name, choose "256x256Pixels" from size listings, choose "True Colors + Aplha"from color listings.
    Step 3 Click "OK" to save and the project could be viewed in Windows 7/8/Vista OS.
Q: What is Photoshop Plug-in and how to use it in IconCool Studio?
A: Photoshop Plug-in of IconCool Studio makes the mutual-sending currently editing image realize between IconCool Studio and Adobe Photoshop. If you have not installed Photoshop Plug-in in your native computer, please install first. Open menu, click "File->Install Photoshop Plug-in"to pop up "Install Photoshop Plug-in"dialog box and make sure the directory where you want to install, then click "OK" to install. If the installation is successful there appears a "IconCool->Transfer to IconCool Studio..." in the "Filter"menu in Adobe Photoshop.
If you have successfully installed Photoshop Plug-in before, the function of mutual-sending currently editing image between IconCool Studio and Adobe Photoshop can be directly applied.
Only after installed IconCool Studio and Adobe Photoshop, all the image mutual-sending actions above can be successfully processed.
Q: How to create an icon with different states?
A: The icon editing being finished, click File->Save as to pop up a dialog box. Choose where to save the icon and "Save with three states" from save type. The icon will be automatically saved as three states: Grayscale, Current Pick, and Lighter.
Q: How to import an image to IconCool Studio?
A: Click File->Import, choose the image you want to import and click "OK" to pop up a dialog box, select the section you want to import with Marquee; if you want to select standard size, please use Standard Selection tool to act. Then click "Next" to finish. If you want to import the entire image, please directly click "Next" to pop up format choosing dialog box and select the size and color you need, and then click "OK" .
Q: How to create and manage a new gradient?
A: Step 1 Click "Gradient"in Color Mixer of the function panel.

    Step 2 Click to pop up "Add Gradient" dialog box, make sure the gradient style, opacity, color and color proportion, then click "Save"button. There will appear a new gradient in the gradient library. To apply a gradient, click directly the gradient; to delete a gradient, click .
Q: How to create an animated .ANI file by Ani Editor?
A: There are three methods to create a .ANI file.
Method 1
Click in toolbar to open ANI Editor. Choose the frame you want from Frame Editing, then click to import the image you want. Set the frame stay-time and hot spot, click to view the effect. Finally, click "Save" button to save it as a .ANI file.
Method 2
Send directly the image existing in editing area to Ani Editor.
Click Edit->Send Current image to Ani Edtor, then to create a .ANI file Ani Edtor.
Method 3
Right click the format of current image below the canvas to find "Send Current image to Ani Edtor" and choose, then to create a .ANI file in Ani Edtor.
Q:How to create a .CUR file?
A: While completing the icon editing, to create a .CUR file, please click "Tools->Set Hot Spot for Cursors" to pop up Set Hot Spot for Cursors dialog. Then set the position for Hot Spot by choosing the values of "X"and "Y" click "Apply" button to view the effect in the "Sample Controls" area by moving mouse. Click "Save" button to save as a .CUR file.
Q: Can IconCool Studio support filters like Photoshop and preview filter effects?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there a convenient project for icon editing in IconCool Studio for an unskillful user?
A: Yes. IconCool Mixer is a new tool built in IconCool Studio, it provides beginners with convenient and powerful functions. It enables the creation of professional icons with ease. IconCool Mixer provides you with an image layer mode to create and edit icons that is similar to Adobe Photoshop.
Here are many elements created by our designers, you are able to operate at ease base on these elements, including size changes, rotation, movement, color changes, adding of gradients, and so on. The more surprising are you can also add some effects we provided for these elements, such as Outer shadow, Inner shadow, Stroke, Emboss, etc. You can save the effects set for one design for the application of future designs.
There are also many preset effects for you to choose from that will enable you to create stunning icons in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, you can also make a transparent PNG in IconCool Studio or other graphics software and then import them into IconCool Mixer as an element for use.
Q: How to open and refine an .ICL file in IconCool Studio?
A: Step 1 Click File->Open appears a dialog, choose the file you want to open and select .ICL from file type, then open it. An ICL     management window presents.
   Step 2 Double-click the icon in preview and open it in IconCool Studio.
   Step 3 Click to open another a .ICL file, click to save it as a .ICL file.
Q: How to open and refine an .EXE or a .DLL file in IconCool Studio?
A: Step 1 Click File->Open, choose.EXE or .DLL from file type to open a file to appear ICL management window.
    Step 2 Double-click the icon in preview and open it in IconCool Studio.
    Step 3 Click to open another a .EXE or .DLL file, click to save it as a .ICL file.
If you have many .ICL files to act, please wait.
Q: How to insert an icon to the current project?
When you want to insert an external icon to current editor area, click File menu->Insert an Icon.If the inserting icon has same format with current project, the Overwrite window will pop up, choose YES to replace current format icon, and No to quit.
Q: How to view the icon real effect?
This function is an easy way to view your current edited icon before you want to finish your project. Click Tools menu->Icon Viewing or right click your mouse on one format icon in the icon format list. You can move this icon to any places you want put just by dragging mouse.