30-Day Money Back

30-day money-back guarantee

We want you to feel confident about your purchase of any software products from IconCool. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee .

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An excellent software which supports more graphics formats than others I have used.Meanwhile, the prameters are as many as we can select.

- Johannes_Brits (soft32.com)

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Important information: We cannot contact the following users (the email is returned), please contact us by other email.
Email: sagatedm@arkturtech.com Product: IconCool Studio Pro

1. If you have already purchased the product, there is no "Enter Registration Code" button in the registration dialog which indicates that you are still using the trial version not the full-working version. That is, you haven't upgraded it into the full-working version.

2. Normally, after your order being authorized, you can receive your registration code and upgrade info within 12 hours. If you haven't received them within 24 hours, please send us a message by our support center.

3. If you are a registered user, please provide the order information as possible as you can, such as Product Name, Order Date, Order ID and so on. And then we can resolve your problem ASAP and correctly. As for the Order ID, you can find it in your order email.

4. If you meet any troubles while downloading, purchasing or using our products, we would like to help you at any time.

5. If you have any chance to partner with us or you want to be an investor of IconCool, please feel free to contact us.


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