How to Convert Win32 Program to UWP App and Submit to Windows Store?

It might save you $5000 or $50000!

Microsoft announced that developers could convert the Win32 program(.NET 4.6.1 or Win32) into the Win10 UWP application and upload it to the Windows store, while the key tool for the "Conversion" is Desktop App Converter(DAC), and now it can be downloaded from Windows store.

By the "Conversion", some instant platforms will be automatically available, such as start menu integration, pure installation, upgrade, and uninstall, and generate Appx package for you.

As a team with 15 years experience in desktop application development, we immediately try the "Conversion".

Unexpected things, we suffered a lot of difficulties, such as the use of DAC, some parameters, regardless of how we configure, will fail; and when uploading to the Windows store, "Invalid package family name" is always prompted, but can not find the answer. Sometimes we have to suspect that these problems are Bug of DAC or Dev Center.

Through unremitting efforts, tests and attempts again and again, we finally converted successfully and uploaded to the Windows store.

Today we are willing to share our experience with you.

To successfully transform the Win32 program into a Win10 UWP application and upload it to the Windows store, we will assist you in completing the five categories of work:

Each category contains a lot of experience and methods that we have gained through repeated experiments, and you can't find them on the Internet.

With our help, you or your team may save weeks or even months, and save thousands of dollars in labor costs. More importantly, your products will soon enter the market with millions of users through the Windows store.

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The DAC does more than just generate a package for you, here's a few extra things it can do for you.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Automatically register your preview handlers, thumbnail handlers, property handlers, firewall rules, URL flags.

Automatically register file type mappings that enable users to group files by using the Kind column in File Explorer.

Register your public COM servers.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later

Automatically sign your package so that you can test your app.

Validate your app against Desktop Bridge and Microsoft Store requirements.

(From Package an app using the Desktop App Converter (Desktop Bridge))

Here's some reasons to create a Windows App package for your desktop

Streamlined deployment. Apps and games that use the bridge have a great deployment experience. This experience ensures that users can confidently install an app and update it. If a user chooses to uninstall the app, it's removed completely with no trace left behind. This reduces time authoring setup experiences and keeping users up-to-date.

Automatic updates and licensing. Your app can participate in the Microsoft Store's built-in licensing and automatic update facilities. Automatic update is a highly reliable and efficient mechanism, because only the changed parts of files are downloaded.

Increased reach and simplified monetization. Choosing to distribute through the Microsoft Store expands your reach to millions of Windows 10 users, who can acquire apps, games and in-app purchases with local payment options.

Add UWP features. At your own pace, you can add UWP features to your app's package, like a XAML user-interface, live tile updates, UWP background tasks, app services, and many more.

Broadened use-cases across device. Using the bridge, you can gradually migrate your code to the Universal Windows Platform to reach every Windows 10 device, including phones, Xbox One and HoloLens.

(From Desktop Bridge)

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