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An excellent software which supports more graphics formats than others I have used.Meanwhile, the prameters are as many as we can select.

- Johannes_Brits (

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IconCool Online Help & FAQ

Welcome to IconCool Studio
What's New in IconCool Studio 7/8?
What is IconCool Mixer?
Overview for IconCool Studio
IconCool Studio Shortcut Key Info
Copyright and Release Statement
How to Install IconCool Studio?
How to Uninstall IconCool Studio?
Download Resources
What is an Icon?
What is 32-Bit or Vista Style Icon?
How to Use an Icon in Windows?
What are the differences between IconCool Studio trial version and registration version?
How to purchase IconCool Studio and how much should I pay?
Whom should I contact while meeting any questions about IconCool Studio?
Does IconCool Studio support Vista OS and create Vista icons?
How to create a 32-bit or Vista style icon?
What is Photoshop Plug-in and how to use it in IconCool Studio?
How to create an icon with different states?
How to import an image to IconCool Studio?
How to create and manage a new gradient?
How to create an animated .ANI file by Ani Editor?
Can IconCool Studio support filters like Photoshop and preview filter effects?
Is there a convenient project for icon editing in IconCool Studio for an unskillful designer?
How to open and refine an .ICL file in IconCool Studio?
How to open and refine an .EXE or a .DLL file in IconCool Studio?
How to insert an icon to the current project?
How to view the icon real effect?
New Features Available in IconCool Studio
Supports the latest Windows OS and creates 32-bit icon
Fantastic IconCool Mixer
Powerful marquee operation
Creates an icon with different states in a minute
Visible filter operation
Flexible gradient editing and powerful color management
Supports Multi-format images with powerful import and export function
Convenient shortcut keys to perform
Make .CUR files and animated .ANI files easily and rapidly
Supports mutual-sending image between Photoshop and IconCool Studio
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