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An excellent software which supports more graphics formats than others I have used.Meanwhile, the prameters are as many as we can select.

- Johannes_Brits (

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    Top 22 Software Tools for a Professional Webmaster and Web Engineer


I have used the following excellent tools for many years, they are very powerful and easy-to-use. In addtional, most of them are free or you can have a trial. If you are a webmaster or web engineer, you need to save them in your bookmark.

1. Global DNS Propagation Checker
Global DNS Propagation Checker is an free online service that can instantly perform a DNS lookup to check a hostnames current IP Address and other DNS information against a selection of random name servers around the world. This is especially useful to check the current state of DNS propagation after making changes to your domains zones.

2. W3C HTML Validation Checker
W3C HTML Validation Checker checks your entire website(HTML) and evaluates its conformance with W3C open standards to quickly identify those portions of your website that need your attention.

3. W3C CSS Validation Checker
W3C CSS Validation Checker checks your entire website(CSS) and evaluates its conformance with W3C open standards to quickly identify those portions of your website that need your attention.

4. Fake Pagerank Checker
Google Pagerank fraud is achieved when offending websites use redirects that point their websites to sites with a high Google Pagerank. The Google PageRank checker determines if the PageRank is valid and also the quality of the pagerank based on the backlinks structure. 5. Page Rank Checker
Page Rank checker is a free service to check Google page rank instantly via online PR checker or by adding a PageRank checking button to your web pages.

6. Easy Page Rank Checker
No captcha code, free and easy-to-use.

7. SiteTrail
Experience the ultimate all-in-one website analysis tool for free. SiteTrail lets you see a quick snapshot of any competitor website at no cost. What are you waiting for See for yourself! It offers Social Media Analysis, SEO Analysis, Visitor Analysis, Traffic Analysis, Revenue Analysis, Content Analysis, Link Analysis, Hosting Analysis, Domain Analysis (WHOIS), Server Analysis and More…

8. WebsiteLooker
WebsiteLooker is efficient website value tool that instantly provides you with an estimated value for your online business. The website value calculator
tool will access keywords, company stats, traffic details, and more in order to compare a site's worth to other websites and businesses online. WebsiteLooker is dedicated to finding all information that may be important for your personal interest.

9. PandaStats
PandaStats is a fantastic free tool to analyze any website performance. PandaStats is a free web tool that gather a bunch of selected information on every registered domain on the world wide web. We collect the data in real time and determined to present that data to every internet surfer and webmaster, Globally - that seek to find that info.

10. Majestic SEO
Backlink Checker and Site Explorer. Find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other with the largest Link Intelligence database on the planet. No other site or search engine gives you as much detailed information about how the fabric of the web is knitted together.

11. IconCool Studio Pro
Professional icon creator software for desktop icons or web favicon. This product was developed by our team, in the past few years, it has been upgraded from version 1.0 to 8.2. The performance and stability have been greatly improved. Compared with other competitors, its biggest feature is the built-in tool - IconCool Mixer which enables you to create professional icons using multiple layers and 500 ready-to-use image elements. Other features, including Marquee operation, Magic wand tool and creating three states(Active, Valid and Invalid) for an icon.

12. IconCool Manager
I developed this product in 2001. Why did I develop this software? I am a software designer or programmer, I have hundreds and thousands icons to mange, and in sometimes, I need to convert or resize them from one format to another, I also need to search an suitable icon from the icon library for my developing product. In 2001, I could not find a tool that can do all of these. Today, there may be other software which can do the same or more things than IconCool Manager, but there are still many users using it.

13. Graphics Converter Pro
This is the second products developed by myself, this is the only product which I'm still proud of. We have released about hundred versions, and the new version is "2013 Build 140307" which was released on 3-7-2014. As you know, I am a software designer and webmaster. Our team needs to process many pictures, images and icons everyday. We can finish some works of image processing by Photoshop or IconCool Studio, but the two tools can not do the followings:
a. Convert images in baches, for example, we need to convert 100 png files from 256x256 pixel to 48x48 icons with few clicks.
b. Process images in baches, for example, we need to process 100 32-bit icons, firstly increase the contrast, then convert them to 96x96 png format, and we hope that the Aplha channel in the original icons will be keeped in the new png files.
Now, Graphics Converter Pro can do all above works precisely and completely. In addtional, it can do all the following works:
a. Import 500+ formats, and export to 130+ formats; Convert 500+ formats to PDF or JPG2000; Convert PDF to 130+ formats.
b. 7 Powerful built-in tools: Watermark Maker, Image Cropper, Image Splitter, Frame Maker, Combination Tool, Image Resizer and Photo Renaming.

14. PDFCool Studio
We developed this product in 2012. It's an all-in-one PDF software which enables you to create, edit, sign, compare, split, combine, replace, encrypt and convert PDF documents.

15. IconCool Green Submission Assistant
As a shareware developer, we have released about 20 products in the past 12 years. What has always obsessed software developers for long time? There might be various answers, but we do our best to figure out the answer is how to quickly submit dozens of software products to the hundreds of download sites. This product was from an internal tool of our team, we have used it for several years.
IconCool Green Submission Assistant is a powerful software submission tool, it can efficiently perform submission tasks such like searching products, logining shareware account, opening submission pages, filling in forms, selecting the categories and more; and these kinds of tasks which should be operated by human resources: entering validation code, activating account and so on.

16. AdWords Editor - The AdWords power tool
AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing large AdWords accounts efficiently. Download your campaigns, make changes with powerful editing tools, then upload the changes to AdWords.

17. Alexa Rank Checker
Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use the analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development.

18. PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights is a free tool of Google. Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools to implement the web performance best practices.

19. CPU Benchmarks
Over 600,000 CPUs Benchmarked. It can help you to choose which server is suitable to host your site.

20. GoDaddy Auctions

Place a bid, make an offer, buy or sell currently registered domain names.

21. List of Expired Domains
List of recently expiring domain names in next 24 hours at Godaddy auctions. In this time will finish 3731 auctions with great domains for SEO having Google Pagerank (PR). This is live updated list ( several times per each minute ), contains accurate domain auctions details and seo metrics.

22. iWebTool
A lot of useful tools for webmasters, includes Rank Checker, Link Popularity, Backlink Checker, Search Engine Position, Link Popularity, Multi-Rank Checker, Reverse IP/Look-up and Website Speed Test.

By Bill Bing (Chief Programmer of IconCool, CEO of Newera Software Inc.)
Skype ID: billbing2013

Mar 18.2014

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